Annuity videos

For more information on what an annuity is, various types of annuities, and how they compare to bank CD’s (certificates of deposit), please check out the annuity videos below:


What is an Annuity and what are some of its’ advantages?

This brief annuity video describes a general overview of what an annuity is, as well as some of the advantages of owning an annuity…


How does an annuity compare to a bank CD (certificate of deposit)?

Many people who are looking for a safe way to invest their money turn to bank CD’s (certificates of deposit), as they offer safety from stock market losses. The video below describes how a fixed annuity compares to a CD:

Tony Robbins on how to create “Lifetime Income…”

Some annuities offer “lifetime income,” which are income payments that you can get for as long as you live, no matter how many years that may be. In this annuity video, Tony Robbins, one of the world’s leading motivational speakers and business leaders, talks about how to create a lifetime income with an annuity…